Radio Frequency Identification
An RFID tag consists of two parts; an integrated circuit chip and an antenna. The antenna can identify the chip, even if it does not fall in its line of sight. The real usefulness can be understood, through comparing it to bar code technology, used while selling products in a shopping mall. Each product is individually scanned for the bill to be made. Now, if RFID technology is used instead, then you can place all the products you wish to purchase in the one basket and all the products can be detected simultaneously. The billing of the products that you purchase can in fact, be done faster using this technology.

There are basically three types of tags:

Active RFID Tag: An active tag has an inbuilt battery to trigger the signals through the antenna.
Passive RFID Tag: Passive tags do not have any internal battery and need an external source to help trigger radio frequency signals through the tag.
Battery-assisted Passive RFID Tag: The battery-assisted passive tag requires a battery to start the device but has a significant amount of power to carry on the signal transmission process.

Every tag is given a unique number, similar to a user identification number. The processing device reads the tag, and hence, finds out information about the article.

Now, let us take a look at RFID frequency. High frequency RFID systems typically operate in frequency ranges 850 MHz to 950 MHz and 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz. These devices can transmit over a range of 90 feet. Low frequency RFID systems have small ranges, somewhere around 6 feet and operate at a frequency of 30 Khz to 500 Khz. RFID is sometimes also referred to as Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC).
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Why Use RFID Chip in Humans?

One important application of implanting these chips in humans, is in the field of medicine. It can be used for storing a person's medical history. So, if a person is brought into a hospital in a severely injured condition or unconscious, it would be extremely useful for the medical practitioner to learn the patient's medical history, just by using a scanner that recognizes the chip implanted in that person. This useful purpose is why the US Food and Drug Administration allowed implanting these chips in certain people, namely patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease. Many people wrongly assume the RFID chip, when implanted in a patient, will contain the entire medical history of the patient. Actually, all the chip contains, is a unique number. Once this number is obtained, it can be used to pull up the patient's medical history, from a master database.

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This is something that is being pushed, now that everyone has so many numbers, passwords, etc... that its becoming difficult to remember them all. How convenient a solution that was being prepared so long ago... the supercomputer being called "the Beast" certainly causes one to look into this RFID chip technology, its going to be quite compatible with that computer "beast", now isn't it? I don't think so much money would have been poured into this project for it to be simply set aside. Anyone making a fuss about getting one of these chips in their body will probably be considered a radical christian, thus a terrorist. I guess that is what they made FEMA camps for? I am looking at technology very seriously right now, because there is no way they can track whether or not someone is trying to work around the beast system. We are very close to getting a system in place that can be completely controlled by whomever runs that system. We are getting close. My friend goes to the Kroger in town to get money orders after collecting insurance premiums all day, to keep from having to bring home cash and get robbed. The following day she turns that money into the insurance company where she works. She has been getting money orders from Kroger for years for this. Yesterday, the manager said she has to write down her name, social security number, and address now each and every time she gets a money order! Yep, they are keeping a close watch on cash, because if your paying or receiving cash for anything, they cannot see what is going on. Big brother is alive and well on planet earth.